Nintendo Switch 2017 Christmas Buyers Guide

Nintendo Switch 2017 Holiday Buyers Guide

I don’t know about you but I am ALL IN with the Nintendo Switch!! It took me a bit of time to actually find one, without having to pay over MSRP ($299 is the real price!), but I finally picked one up at my local ToysRus.  Since purchasing, my PS4 and Gaming PC have kind of been dormant.  There is just something about the quality of a Nintendo game that is hard for others to duplicate.

So…. These are my recommendations for your 2017 Nintendo Switch Xmas / Holiday purchases.  I wont go overboard, just the games and accessories I recommend that you buy to have fun and keep your Switch protected.


  • Nintendo Switch (You will have to pick the colors you want)
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller – For me there is no substitue for having a pro controller.  It’s a bit pricey compared to other gaming system controllers, but it’s packed full of technology and it has a very solid well made feel to it.
  • Screen Protector – These screens will scratch!! So, before you do anything put on of the thin glass screen protectors on it.  That way you can just forget about it.  Most come with 2 so once the first one gets dirty or marked up (if it ever does), you can take it off, throw it away, and put on the second.
  • Memory Card – To save you money Nintendo put 32GB of system memory in the Switch. Some will complain about that, but as for me, with the prices of memory cards….I plopped in a 200GB card and I am good for a LONG TIME.  Plus if you plan on buying physical copies of the games, you wont need to worry too much about filling up the system memory and the extra memory card you added. **You could go with a 128GB memory card for much cheaper if you like and it’s still plenty of space for a while. 
  • ***Optional*** – Extra set of JoyCons for 4 player MarioKart.


What’s a gaming system without the games….NOTHING! So here are my choices for the first five or so games you should purchase with your system.  I will put them in order of importance (from my perspective).

  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild – This is my new all-time favorite game. It will keep you busy for a long time (I’ve been playing for 6 months and still loving it.)
  • MarioKart 8  Deluxe – Good for all ages with local multiplayer as-well-as online multiplayer.  It’s hands down the best MarioKart ever! You can use each JoyCon as a controller, a pro controller, or buy another set of JoyCons to give you 4 player races.
  • Splatoon2 – A non-bloody kid friendly (adults too) multiplayer shooter game. There is also a single player offline mode which is very fun.
  • Mario Odyssey –  What’s a Nintendo game system without a Mario game…This appears to be another great game that will keep you entertained for a long time.
  • StreamWorld Dig2 – A recent purchase for me and at $19.99 on the eShop (get a gift card on Amazon). I have just started playing this game and have spent some serious hours digging around in the world. It is a top notch indie game that is very polished, in fact I wouldn’t even call it an indie game.


I am going to throw in a few optional accessories that you might want to pick up as stocking stuffers if you have a Switch already or want to pimp out your Nintendo Switch setup.

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