Japan Travel Hacks

Japan Travel Hacks
For those that don’t know me personally, I LOVE JAPAN! I love Japan so much that I moved there for a good 10 years, give or take. Before living there I traveled to Japan several times as well. People often ask me about traveling to Japan, so I thought I’d put together a list of “Japan Travel Hacks”.

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Buying a House in Austin Checklist

I have been meaning to jot down all the things I wish I knew before I bought my house, with the hope of helping someone out.  I will add to it as time goes, but here is the raw list and some thoughts/reasons:

  • Sunrise/Sunset (What direction does the sun rise and set) – This one didn’t even come to mind when we bought our house.  Now in the summer our backyard is just about useless, due to the heat and bright sun after about 2-3pm.  Of course this can be fixed with trees and paying for shade basically…but something to consider before buying and trees take a while to grow…lol

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Best Budget Podcasting Setup for 2018

Just about every year I evaluate the best entry level podcasting setup, and 2018 is no different. Before I list out my budget podcasting recommendations I want to explain my rational and criteria:

  • Must be inexpensive
  • Must be plug-and-play for both Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Must have great sound
  • Must be able to grow with your podcast

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Should You Buy A Nintendo New 3DS / 3DS XL / 2D SXL in 2018?

Nintendo 3DS in 2018

With the Nintendo Switch selling like hotcakes, the one question a lot of people ask is:

Should I buy a Nintendo New 3DS / 3DS XL / 2DS / 2DS XL in 2018?

Well the answer is….WHY NOT?! and YES!! Now let me explain myself a bit. The “DS” platform has been around for years and the amount of games in the catalog is staggering! The Nintendo 3DS & Nintendo 2DS handhold systems play both DS and 3DS titles, so you have hundreds if not thousands of games to chose.

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Best Budget Vlogging Setup for 2018

What is the Best Budget Vlogging Setup for YouTube in 2018? I guess before we answer this question we need to talk about what is necessary in a good vlogging camera:

  • Reliable brand
  • Good battery life
  • Auto focus
  • Flip out screen
  • HD quality video 1080p (1920×1080) at 30/60 FPS (Frames Per Second)
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • External Mic Plug
  • Price

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Nintendo Switch 2017 Christmas Buyers Guide

Nintendo Switch 2017 Holiday Buyers Guide

I don’t know about you but I am ALL IN with the Nintendo Switch!! It took me a bit of time to actually find one, without having to pay over MSRP ($299 is the real price!), but I finally picked one up at my local ToysRus.  Since purchasing, my PS4 and Gaming PC have kind of been dormant.  There is just something about the quality of a Nintendo game that is hard for others to duplicate.

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Adobe Premiere Elements 15 Tutorial – How to do Squeaky High Pitched Voice

For this Adobe Premiere Elements 15 Tutorial, I show you how to do that squeaky high pitched voice (You know kinda like the chip monks or other funny video you see on YouTube). This functionality is located in the Audio Effects section of the program. As usual a lot of the functions are tricky to find in Premiere Elements, lol. You are looking for the “Pitchshifter” effect.

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Adobe Premiere Elements 15 Tutorial – How to do Slow Motion Video

In this Adobe Premiere Elements 15 tutorial, I show you how to do slow motion video. You can do slow motion video with any video but for best results, 60fps (frames per second) video provides a smoother look. It’s a bit tricky to find in Premiere Elements 15 but the option is called “Time Remapping“. Time Remapping allows you to slow down or speed up a video clip. In this tutorial I only show you how to slow down the clip but you can easily see how you would also speed up the video footage too.

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