iMovie for Beginners Tutorial 2016 – Version 10.1

iMovie 10.1 Tutorial
The newest version of Apple’s iMovie video editing software was just released! They are calling it iMovie 10.1, and once 2016 arrives I will officially be calling it “iMovie 2016” just to avoid confusion, lol. In this video I cover the following:

Complete How to edit videos using Apple’s iMovie [Link]

Part 1 – Creating a New Movie Project
Part 2 – Importing Media
Part 3 – Adding Media to the Time Line
Part 4 – Editing Video
Part 5 – Titles and Text
Part 6 – Editing Audio
Part 7 – Sharing Movies (Exporting)

I am really stoked that Apple finally added full 4K support to iMovie 10.1!! If Apple would just let us put more than one picture in picture, I wouldn’t really need Final Cut Pro X (FCPX).

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How to Edit Audio in Apple iMovie

In this Apple iMovie tutorial you will learn how to edit the audio in your iMovie project. I have included basic audio editing as well as advanced (Note: iMovie isn’t a pro application so you are not going get too many features).

I will show you how to:

  • Increase/decrease the audio levels of the entire video
  • Control the volume in different parts of your video (“R” key + mouse left click and drag)
  • Use keyframes to adjust audio levels (“Option” key + click on the audio level volume control)

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Correcting Bluish Video with iMovie White Balance Tool

Ever get video with a bit of a bluish color, or the video color just didn’t look “right”? Well there are a couple of tools in Apple’s iMovie that will usually do a great job fixing this problem. The first is the ability to adjust the white balance. Now of course if possible you want to do this before you start filming if your camera has the features…but let’s face it….nobody has time for that, lol.

The second tool is using color correction to get your video footage looking the way you want. A little more saturation here, and a little move highlights there can go a long way in making your video look awesome.

iMovie Color Correction Tutorial


iMovie for iPhone Tutorial – Slow Motion Video How To

In this iMovie tutorial for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) I show you how to do a slow motion video. There are a couple ways to do it but I went with the easiest and fastest, as I am not a fan of the “other” way.

Basic Steps:

  1. Put a video clip in the editing timeline.
  2. Scroll with your finger to locate the section of the video you want to make slow motion.
  3. Tap on the clip and put the scrubber at the begin point of the video you want to make slow motion.
  4. Tap the Scissors Icon and tap Split.
  5. Scroll to the end point where you want the slow motion to stop.
  6. Tap the Scissors Icon and tap Split.
  7. Once you have the section you want in slow motion, tap it and next tap the Speedometer Icon.
  8. To slow down the video speed horizontally move the Turtle and Rabbit Slider to the left.  This will proportionally slow down the video speed.  Play around with the speed until you reach your desired effect.



In this tutorial we show you how to crop an image on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch using the Photos App. Apple’s Photos App comes with some pretty powerful editing, and best of all it’s free! Stay tuned for the next tutorial where I show you how to do color correction to get your Instagram pics looking awesome!

How To Rotate Images on your iPhone or iPad

In this iPhone Tutorial I will show you how to rotate an image using the free Photos App. It pretty unbelievable the amount of editing that can be done using the Photos App.  Initially, I wasn’t that big a fan of the app, but over time…. It has become an important tool in my arsenal of image and video editing apps on the iPhone and iPad.

1. Launch the Photos App.

2. Locate the image you want to edit.

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iMovie Tutorial 2016 – How to do Freeze Frame

iMovie Freeze Frame Tutorial

WP Freeze Frame

In this tutorial I show you have to do a “freeze frame”, which stops the video for a few seconds on an area of interest and then the movie continues to play on. This is handy if you want to call attention to an event in your movie. I often use it to pause the video to show a street sign, or in the middle of a trick done by a skateboarder etc. With this feature you can control how long the video pauses before continuing on.

wp freeze 2


1. Right click (option click) on the section of the video clip you want to freeze.
2. Select Add Freeze Frame
3. Use yellow brackets (or circle controllers at the top of that section of video) to shorten or lengthen the freeze time, by expanding or contracting the freeze frame section.

Thanks for watching!!

iMovie Tutorial 2016 – Split Screen Video | Side by Side Video

In this iMovie tutorial we are going to show you how to do split video clips or side by side video. You can split the video horizontally or vertically and you can also have the video slide in from the side at various speeds. It’s a pretty cool feature that iMovie has, that’s for sure.

For this tutorial you will need two video clips. Then you will drag the first one into the iMovie timeline and the second one on top of the main video in the time line. Next you will select the Video Overlay Settings button, and then Split screen from the drop-down menu. From there you will be able to control the position and slide in speed if you want your second video to slide in. It’s pretty simple to do but I think it can be a powerful way to present.

Thanks for watching!!

iMovie Tutorial 2016 – How to Zoom In

In this iMovie tutorial I show you how to zoom in on part of your video. This allow you to call attention to of feature that portion of the video. You can also use this with transitions before and after the zoomed clip to make it look that much better.



  1. Split the clip before and after the section you want to zoom in one.
  2. Click the Cropping Tool icon.
  3. Click the Crop to Fill button.
  4. Use your mouse to drag the rectangle smaller to highlight the area you want to zoom in on.
  5. Click on the blue circle with the check mark in it.
  6. Play the video to see how it looks.


Click the Cropping Tool icon.


Click the blue circle with the check box when finished to save.

iMovie Color Correction Tutorial

So, what the heck is color correction?  Well…basically it’s messing with the colors of the video that came out of your camera to get the video footage to look the way you want.  Sometimes it works well and…..sometimes it doesn’t.  There are many factors involved but it’s all about the quality of video footage you get from the camera, since iMovie’s color correction is a bit limited.  There is enough control to compensate for a bit of over or under exposed video, enough control to make it “warmer” or “colder”, and pull out highlights, etc.

In this tutorial I took some video footage from my Panasonic G7 that was using the stock kit lens and a polarized lens filter.  Then I tweaked the color until I got it to look the way I wanted it to look.

Thanks for watching!!

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