Best Budget Podcasting Setup for 2018

Just about every year I evaluate the best entry level podcasting setup, and 2018 is no different. Before I list out my budget podcasting recommendations I want to explain my rational and criteria:

  • Must be inexpensive
  • Must be plug-and-play for both Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Must have great sound
  • Must be able to grow with your podcast


The best bang-for-your-buck budget podcasting microphone:

  • Audio Technica AT2005 USB – I have been using this mic for years and it sounds better than a lot of higher priced mic’s on the market. It features both USB and XLR connections, and has an audio jack for headphones that allows latency free monitoring of your audio. I recommend starting with a USB connection and when your show grows and you feel like you want to level up the show production, you can add a mixer/audio interface and start using the XLR connection on the mic.


A budget must have accessory to prevent unwanted noises:

  • Foam Windscreen for your AT2005USB – This helps prevent unwanted sounds, like breathing, from reducing the quality of your podcast recording. A cheap but worthwhile investment.


Last but not least you need something to hold your mic:

  • Microphone Stand – You don’t want to have to hold the mic the entire podcast, and the stand that comes with the AT2005USB…well….just sucks! This is just a simple desktop mic stand that I have been using for years and it never gives me any trouble.


Podcasting is such a fun and exciting art form! It really doesn’t take much money to get started. You can use free software like Audacity for the PC, or if you are on a Mac you can use either Audacity or GarageBand, which are both free.  Plug in your mic, launch your audio recording app, and start Podcasting!




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