Best Portable Nintendo Switch Dock

Nintendo Switch Portable Dock

There is nothing better than the dual purpose hybrid feature of the Nintendo Switch. Whether you play docked on your big TV or you play on-the-go in portable mode, the Nintendo Switch shines.

I have had the Switch for several months now, and I have noticed the need (or maybe it’s just a desire…lol) for a second dock.  Of course, you could go the route of buying another official Nintendo Switch Dock, but…..THAT COST THOUGH!?!  Why is that piece of cheap plastic so expensive?? Now, don’t get me wrong…when I have the chance I always buy Nintendo branded accessories due to the quality and guaranteed support.

If I just wanted to put a second dock in the living room or man cave, I would probably go with the Nintendo branded solution, but I wanted a bit of portability since I spend time on the road…

While hunting for a solution I stumbled upon this little dongle type adapter on Amazon. I wasn’t sure of the quality or if it would work, but for the price…I decided to give it a try.  To my surprise it actually WORKS!!

One thing to note is that you need to use a Nintendo Switch Power Adapter and a HDMI cable when using any dock.  So, don’t forget to pick up an extra power adapter and HDMI cord!


Nintendo Switch Dock Accessories




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