iMovie for iPhone and iPad Tutorial – Picture in a Picture Video Overlay

iMovie for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch Tutorial for Beginners – Picture in Picture Video Overlay

In this iMovie Tutorial for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch (iOS basically) we show you how to do a picture-in-picture style video overlay. It’s not to difficult to do, but you can really pimp out your videos this way. The most important thing to remember is to have the video scrubber (the line) in the position where you want to video overlay to appear. After that you can tap and drag to shorten it up. Also don’t be afraid to split the picture-in-picture overlay clip. You can have it appear in different areas of the video.

Have Fun!!

iMovie for iPhone and iPad Tutorial for Beginners

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch you’ll be glad to know that iMovie is also available for the iOS platform, and it’s GREAT!! With the latest version of iMovie you can also edit 4K video (on later versions of the iPhone and iPad). In this tutorial you will learn all the basics needed to make awesome movies.

  1. How to create an iMovie video project
    2. How to import video clips
    3. How to add video clips to your timeline
    4. How to split clips
    5. How to add transitions
    6. How to add titles
    7. How to do a voiceover
    8. How to add music to your iMovie video project
    9. How to export and save your movie project

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iMovie for Beginners Tutorial 2016 – Version 10.1

iMovie 10.1 Tutorial
The newest version of Apple’s iMovie video editing software was just released! They are calling it iMovie 10.1, and once 2016 arrives I will officially be calling it “iMovie 2016” just to avoid confusion, lol. In this video I cover the following:

Complete How to edit videos using Apple’s iMovie [Link]

Part 1 – Creating a New Movie Project
Part 2 – Importing Media
Part 3 – Adding Media to the Time Line
Part 4 – Editing Video
Part 5 – Titles and Text
Part 6 – Editing Audio
Part 7 – Sharing Movies (Exporting)

I am really stoked that Apple finally added full 4K support to iMovie 10.1!! If Apple would just let us put more than one picture in picture, I wouldn’t really need Final Cut Pro X (FCPX).

Thanks for watching and reading!!

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How To Record Your iPhone Screen

Record Your iPhone Screen

The best thing about being in the Apple ecosystem is the way things connect to each other and the way Apple gives you these little features that you just can’t get elsewhere. In this tutorial I show you how to connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to your Mac and then record your iOS devices screen. The application you use to do the recording is the QuickTime player, which comes free with all new Macintosh computers. Once you get the video captures you will name it and save it, then import into either iMovie or Final Cut Pro X. Then the rest is up to you (^_^)

There are only a couple of things to know:
1. Older 30 Pin connected iOS devices (iPhones/iPads/iPod Touch’s) don’t seem to work. (at least I tried mine and they didn’t work)
2. Capture quality is dependent on your screen. If you don’t have a Retina screen on your Mac it wont capture all those awesome pixels.


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