Best Budget Podcasting Setup for 2018

Just about every year I evaluate the best entry level podcasting setup, and 2018 is no different. Before I list out my budget podcasting recommendations I want to explain my rational and criteria:

  • Must be inexpensive
  • Must be plug-and-play for both Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Must have great sound
  • Must be able to grow with your podcast


The best bang-for-your-buck budget podcasting microphone:

  • Audio Technica AT2005 USB – I have been using this mic for years and it sounds better than a lot of higher priced mic’s on the market. It features both USB and XLR connections, and has an audio jack for headphones that allows latency free monitoring of your audio. I recommend starting with a USB connection and when your show grows and you feel like you want to level up the show production, you can add a mixer/audio interface and start using the XLR connection on the mic.


A budget must have accessory to prevent unwanted noises:

  • Foam Windscreen for your AT2005USB – This helps prevent unwanted sounds, like breathing, from reducing the quality of your podcast recording. A cheap but worthwhile investment.


Last but not least you need something to hold your mic:

  • Microphone Stand – You don’t want to have to hold the mic the entire podcast, and the stand that comes with the AT2005USB…well….just sucks! This is just a simple desktop mic stand that I have been using for years and it never gives me any trouble.


Podcasting is such a fun and exciting art form! It really doesn’t take much money to get started. You can use free software like Audacity for the PC, or if you are on a Mac you can use either Audacity or GarageBand, which are both free.  Plug in your mic, launch your audio recording app, and start Podcasting!




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Best Portable Nintendo Switch Dock

Nintendo Switch Portable Dock

There is nothing better than the dual purpose hybrid feature of the Nintendo Switch. Whether you play docked on your big TV or you play on-the-go in portable mode, the Nintendo Switch shines.

I have had the Switch for several months now, and I have noticed the need (or maybe it’s just a desire…lol) for a second dock.  Of course, you could go the route of buying another official Nintendo Switch Dock, but…..THAT COST THOUGH!?!  Why is that piece of cheap plastic so expensive?? Now, don’t get me wrong…when I have the chance I always buy Nintendo branded accessories due to the quality and guaranteed support.

If I just wanted to put a second dock in the living room or man cave, I would probably go with the Nintendo branded solution, but I wanted a bit of portability since I spend time on the road…

While hunting for a solution I stumbled upon this little dongle type adapter on Amazon. I wasn’t sure of the quality or if it would work, but for the price…I decided to give it a try.  To my surprise it actually WORKS!!

One thing to note is that you need to use a Nintendo Switch Power Adapter and a HDMI cable when using any dock.  So, don’t forget to pick up an extra power adapter and HDMI cord!


Nintendo Switch Dock Accessories




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How To Upgrade Late 2014 Early 2015 Mac Mini SSD


When I originally purchase the Late 2014 Early 2015 Mac Mini, I knew I was going to have to upgrade the 5400 rpm spinning hard drive to an SSD. When I got the Mac Mini, I realized very quickly that not having SSD was a no go for me! I have been using SSD‘s for a few years now and you just can’t go back once you are used to the speed. It took me a while but I finally got off my lazy butt and swapped out the 1TB spinning drive for a 480GB solid state drive (SSD).

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Best Mac for iMovie Video Editing 2015

I get a lot of questions on my YouTube Channel about which Apple Macintosh computer is the best for those that want to become a YouTuber and use iMovie to edit their videos. I decided to give two recommendations when answering this question. The first will be for a portable and the second will be for a desktop.

Before giving the answer to your question I would like to qualify my answers:

  1. I will try to keep the choices to the lowest price models that I would actually buy.
  2. The Mac will give you the best bang-for-buck with editing video using iMovie (and Final Cut Pro X for that matter).
  3. Lowest price is not my goal.
  4. 8GB of RAM is a minimum requirement as I think Apple shipping computers in 2015 with 4GB is a joke.
  5. The sum of the whole often proves to be a better system than the specs you see. (What I mean is CPU, GPU, Hard Drive speeds, etc.)

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