How To Vlog Like Casey Neistat

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With over a million subscribers and growing, Casey Neistat is one of the most popular daily YouTube Vloggers or Film Makers or whatever you want to call this new media thing.  I thought it would be a good idea to talk about how Casey Neistat actually vlogs.


Casey is a little unorthodox when it comes to vlogging most of the time.  His current rig is a Canon DSLR, attached to a Joby GorillaPod, a fairly wide angle lens, and for sound recording he is using a Rode VideoMic Pro.  Other gear you might see used in his videos are:

  • iPhone
  • GoPro’s
  • Canon Point-and-Shoot Camera (Canon G7X)
  • And other random ways of capturing video and photos

This setup is not for the faint at heart. It’s heavy and it’s right in your face. There is nothing elegant about it, lol. Very few vloggers would every consider carrying this big rig around, but for Casey it’s about the quality that a DSLR with a good lens and microphone produce.  That said I think you can get similar quality with a lighter setup using a mirrorless camera like the Panasonic G7 or one of the Sony Alpha (a5100, a6000, etc) series cameras.

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Style & Format

The format of is daily vlogs is approximately 10 minutes of video footage that includes an intro title stating the location, date, and number of the vlog. His video editing style is usually timed to the music track he selects with intermitted conversation with the viewers or others he is filming. He has a couple of regular segments that make their appearance. One being “mail time”, where he violently opens up all the packages sent to him.  The second being a question and answer session, where he answers the viewer questions. Sometimes this has a theme like “family” or “school”, and sometimes it doesn’t.

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Casey usually edits using a loaded 15″ Apple MacBook Pro, and Final Cut Pro X (though his editing career started with the free iMovie) editing software.  In his vlogs he mentions that he edits late into the night (after his wife and daughter go to bed), and he posts his video the following morning.

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Casey has mentioned in several of his videos that perhaps the most difficult part of the vlogging process is music selection.  SoundCloud is one of the places he goes to get the track that bests suits the mood of the vlog. His skill as an editor really shines here with the cuts usually matching the music perfectly and of course very creatively.


My favorite part of his vlogs are the many time lapse videos he does that are inserted throughout the vlog that shows off different areas of New York City or whatever location he happens to be vlogging from.


One of the most important things to know if you plan on attempting to vlog daily or regularly is to not just rip off Casey’s style.  Use it for inspiration and take what you learn from his vlogs, but develop your own style.  We already have one Casey, we don’t need anymore!  Everyone has a unique voice, style, opinions, etc. so….. Be Yourself! (^_^)


Image Credit: Casey Neistat’s YouTube Channel