iMovie For Beginners Tutorial 2015

In this Tutorial I cover just about all you need to learn how to edit video on the Mac using Apple’s iMovie. iMovie comes with all new Mac’s and, in my opinion, it’s the best editing software for beginners to intermediate users. After you master iMovie and you start to run up against the limitations, you can upgrade to Final Cut Pro X, but and I mean but…..You can do just about all you need with iMovie and a couple of crafty hacks.

For those that don’t currently have an Apple Macintosh computer and you want the cheapest one available you can pick up a Mac Mini for about $699. You will to have to bring your own screen, keyboard and mouse. The next choice would be an iMac, which comes screen, keyboard, and mouse for about $1299. Or if you want something portable I recommend the 13″ Mac Book Pro for about $1299. These three choices are the minimum I would recommend and come with 8MB of RAM. With video editing the more power for the CPU and the more RAM you have the better, so if you have the money get higher end models.

1. How to import media
2. Events vs Movies
3. The Video Timeline
4. Editing
5. Splitting clips
6. Adding Transitions
7. Audio Editing Basics
8. Picture-in-Picture
9. Adding Titles
10. Adding Sound Clips
11. And some other advice and recommendations!!

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