iMovie Tutorial 2016 – How to do Freeze Frame

iMovie Freeze Frame Tutorial

In this tutorial I show you have to do a “freeze frame”, which stops the video for a few seconds on an area of interest and then the movie continues to play on.

WP Freeze Frame

This is handy if you want to call attention to an event in your movie. I often use it to pause the video to show a street sign, or in the middle of a trick done by a skateboarder etc. With this feature you can control how long the video pauses before continuing on.

wp freeze 2


1. Right click (option click) on the section of the video clip you want to freeze.
2. Select Add Freeze Frame
3. Use yellow brackets (or circle controllers at the top of that section of video) to shorten or lengthen the freeze time, by expanding or contracting the freeze frame section.

Thanks for watching!!