Windows Movie Maker Tutorial – How to Record Voiceover

In this Windows Movie Maker tutorial I show you how to do a voice over. I recommend you get a good mic like the AT2005USB or ATR2100 if you plan on doing a bunch of voice overs. People will usually forgive not-so-good video, but they will usually leave if the sound is bad.

If you need a good free video editing program on Windows, go no farther than MicroSoft’s own Movie Maker. You can get Windows Movie Maker free here.

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iMovie for Beginners Tutorial 2016 – Version 10.1

iMovie 10.1 Tutorial
The newest version of Apple’s iMovie video editing software was just released! They are calling it iMovie 10.1, and once 2016 arrives I will officially be calling it “iMovie 2016” just to avoid confusion, lol. In this video I cover the following:

Complete How to edit videos using Apple’s iMovie [Link]

Part 1 – Creating a New Movie Project
Part 2 – Importing Media
Part 3 – Adding Media to the Time Line
Part 4 – Editing Video
Part 5 – Titles and Text
Part 6 – Editing Audio
Part 7 – Sharing Movies (Exporting)

I am really stoked that Apple finally added full 4K support to iMovie 10.1!! If Apple would just let us put more than one picture in picture, I wouldn’t really need Final Cut Pro X (FCPX).

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How To Vlog Like Casey Neistat

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.46.43 AM

With over a million subscribers and growing, Casey Neistat is one of the most popular daily YouTube Vloggers or Film Makers or whatever you want to call this new media thing.  I thought it would be a good idea to talk about how Casey Neistat actually vlogs.

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How To Upgrade Late 2014 Early 2015 Mac Mini SSD


When I originally purchase the Late 2014 Early 2015 Mac Mini, I knew I was going to have to upgrade the 5400 rpm spinning hard drive to an SSD. When I got the Mac Mini, I realized very quickly that not having SSD was a no go for me! I have been using SSD‘s for a few years now and you just can’t go back once you are used to the speed. It took me a while but I finally got off my lazy butt and swapped out the 1TB spinning drive for a 480GB solid state drive (SSD).

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Best Mac for iMovie Video Editing 2015

I get a lot of questions on my YouTube Channel about which Apple Macintosh computer is the best for those that want to become a YouTuber and use iMovie to edit their videos. I decided to give two recommendations when answering this question. The first will be for a portable and the second will be for a desktop.

Before giving the answer to your question I would like to qualify my answers:

  1. I will try to keep the choices to the lowest price models that I would actually buy.
  2. The Mac will give you the best bang-for-buck with editing video using iMovie (and Final Cut Pro X for that matter).
  3. Lowest price is not my goal.
  4. 8GB of RAM is a minimum requirement as I think Apple shipping computers in 2015 with 4GB is a joke.
  5. The sum of the whole often proves to be a better system than the specs you see. (What I mean is CPU, GPU, Hard Drive speeds, etc.)

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Easy Animations with iMovie

Easy Animations & Key Framing With iMovie

I totally forgot that iMovie had basic key frame animations, but once I remembered, I knew I had to do a simple animation tutorial. I also knew that I wanted to use the bullet from Super Mario games in the video, lol.

In this video I show you how to easily animate videos or images using iMovie, that comes free with new Apple Macintosh computers.


How To Record Your iPhone Screen

Record Your iPhone Screen

The best thing about being in the Apple ecosystem is the way things connect to each other and the way Apple gives you these little features that you just can’t get elsewhere. In this tutorial I show you how to connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to your Mac and then record your iOS devices screen. The application you use to do the recording is the QuickTime player, which comes free with all new Macintosh computers. Once you get the video captures you will name it and save it, then import into either iMovie or Final Cut Pro X. Then the rest is up to you (^_^)

There are only a couple of things to know:
1. Older 30 Pin connected iOS devices (iPhones/iPads/iPod Touch’s) don’t seem to work. (at least I tried mine and they didn’t work)
2. Capture quality is dependent on your screen. If you don’t have a Retina screen on your Mac it wont capture all those awesome pixels.


iMovie Tutorial Playlist (33+ iMovie How To Videos) | My Gear & Software Used

Current Computer Setup 2015


Thought I would post my current computer setup as of February 2015. Right now I have a custom built i7 PC running Windows 7 and a MacBook Pro (i5 that is just about 5 years old!!). My future plans are to simplify the setup and add a few things here and there.  I am thinking about picking up a Mac Mini in a month or so for my video editing. It seems that my MBP (MacBook Pro) is very long in the tooth so it takes forever to render and it gets crazy hot! Although I can edit on the PC using Sony Movie Studio Platinum, I really prefer to edit on the Mac. It’s just easier and allows me to be more creative, in my humble opinion.  Final Cut Pro X and iMovie for the win, when it comes to video editing for me (^_^)

GarageBand Tutorial – How to Podcast Using Apple GarageBand

This video tutorial shows you have to record, edit, and export (share) a Podcast using Apple’s GarageBand software. GarageBand comes free with new Mac computers.  GarageBand is a very powerful and creative program, but it takes a bit to get used to.  Once you get the hang of it, you will be editing your podcast like a pro!!

  1. Setting up your Mic input source.
  2. Adding multiple tracks to your podcast recording.
  3. Recording your Podcast.
  4. Editing audio
  5. Adding an intro
  6. Adding an outro
  7. Exporting your Podcast to an MP3 file.

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