I get a lot of questions about the equipment and software I use, so I thought it was about time to write it done in one place! So, here my  “Official” recourses page, that gives you the scope on what I am currently using.

Please Note:  Some of these links are affiliate referrals to companies and products that I use. It doesn’t cost you anything extra but it helps me out a bit 🙂 


Video & Audio Equipment




Sport Action Camera:

Web Camera: Logitech C922 (Newest Model!)

LED Lights: Neewer 160 LED Kit

Tripod: AmazonBasics 67-Inch Video Camera Tripod (It’s BIG)

Voiceover Microphone: AT2005USB or ATR2100USB (Basically Same Mic, Different Looks)

Mic Stand: On Stage Stands

Mic Boom Arm: Neewer NB-35 Mic Boom Arm


Video Editing Software

Mac Editing Software: Apple iMovie (Free with new Macs) & Apple Final Cut Pro X ($299)

PC Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Elements 15

Mac Photo Editing Software: Pixelmator

PC Photo Editing Software: (Free) or Adobe Photoshop Elements 15


Computers & Devices

Computer:  Apple MacBook Pro

Monitor: ASUS 24″ LCD

Keyboard: Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Speakers: Creative Labs Giga Works T20


Podcasting Setup

Microphone: AT2005USB

Audio Mixer: Yamaha USB Audio Mixer

Microphone Boom Arm: Neewer Mic Boom Arm

Audio Editing Software: Audacity (Free) & Apple GarageBand (Free with new Macs)

Podcast Hosting: Archive dot org (Free, but keep backups of your files just in case)



Hosting: BlueHost

Domains: BlueHost

VPS: RamNode (Disclaimer: Expert level VPS you have to install everything yourself!!)


Hope this helps!!


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